When I first met Kelly she was very kind, sweet and likeable. From our first interaction I was very comfortable and could not wait to work with her! At the first appointment, I appreciated that she did what she said she was going to do and actually taught me. I have hired a Professional Organizer in the past but they did not share their methodology or teach me. Kelly is a good teacher and she instilled in me things that I can use for the rest of my life. Working with Kelly is done on my terms; she adapts to my needs and goals that are not just based on what she believes will work best. I appreciate she is willing to meet me at my level. She is very patient with a procrastinator like me. She is knowledgeable about current trends and has resources that help improve my home and life.  She is always on time, respectful, gracious, and understanding. I recommend Kelly because she is all those things balled into one!
- C. Jones

I recently hired Kelly to help me with organizing my home; I was stuck and overwhelmed by the size of the task. Kelly helped me focus on an achievable goal, and in our first meeting we developed a plan that will allow my family to make better use of our storage spaces freeing up room for new work and hobby space. Kelly's experience with organizing by zones will make things easier to find and use; Kelly's objective opinion helped me to purge some unneeded items which were in the way. Kelly did research on storage solutions that may work for us and then neatly summarized it along with a to do list. With Kelly's help, we will be moving forward and my family will reap the rewards of a more peaceful and functional space. I couldn't have done it on my own!
- Andrea T.

My fiancée and I recently moved in together. This required combining two fully furnished homes into one (essentially, we had two of everything). Kelly took the very complex project and broke it down into manageable tasks. She worked with us every step of the way – making it enjoyable. I’m very pleased with the outcome and cannot recommend her more highly!
- Dirk C.

Kelly transformed my laundry room from a “catch all/shut the door” room to a perfectly organized show room! I was so ready to make a change, but knew I could not begin to tackle it on my own. The size of this task can only be realized in the “before” photos! The built-in cabinets were all full and clutter overflowed to the floor area. With Kelly’s creative ideas on storage containers and her professional advice, plus her encouragement, we gained control of the space and working together we achieved the “after” goal (which I have been able to maintain on my own)! When I was overwhelmed, Kelly was optimistic and set goals so we could focus and purge, and together we accomplished a miracle! My laundry room is now organized, functional, and open for all to see!! I can never thank Kelly enough for a job well done!
- Judy B.

I originally hired Kelly to help organize my home office. Within a matter of a few hours, she had everything sorted, boxed, and labeled. My office was fully reassembled in a functional, efficient, and accessible way. It was inspiring! Since that time, Kelly has organized the kitchen, chef’s pantry, linen and utility closets, guest bathroom, and dining room. Most recently, we’ve undertaken a 3-day project culling through old boxes of paperwork that had been stored in the attic for decades. It feels great to have that space cleared out and that task finally off my “to do” list.

It’s fun working with Kelly because she’s truly passionate about organizing/streamlining homes, and, by extension, lives. She attends professional conferences and trainings frequently and knows exactly what box/bin/filing system/drawer insert will suit the situation at hand. You name the problem, she’ll find the solution.

I cannot recommend Kelly more highly. She’s professional, encouraging, sensitive, and delightful to work with. She knows when to be playful and when to stand firm. She’s attuned. If you could use some help organizing, please call Kelly.

P.S. I recently told my husband that we were running out of projects for Kelly. We immediately began brainstorming to find reasons to hire her (we all enjoy having her in our home)!
- Kelly M.

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